Corporate & Business

We are always delighted to hear from companies who send their employees to Dublin either as a one off trip or on a regular basis. If you or your employees are travelling to Dublin on business or just in town for a short stopover we are able to provide a safe, comfortable home from home for the duration of your stay in Dublin.

Our in house team will take the time necessary to get to know your business. You can be safe in the knowledge that we will endeavour to arrange the right accommodation that meets the needs of both you and your employees.

The benefits of using a corporate property are:

  • A larger living space that is a real home. This makes for a much more comfortable and relaxing environment and allows you to experience our great capital city as if you were a local.
  • Hotels can be bland and generic. For the most part they are designed for shorter stays with very limited privacy, comfort and facilities.
  • All our properties have complimentary WiFi so no more paying by the hour or by the day to access the slow internet that most hotels offer.
  • A full kitchen. This also allows companies to cut down on expenses as access to a full kitchen allows you to eat at any time of the day or night. This has been proven to give greater employee comfort and autonomy as they can eat as and when they choose.
  • Full laundry facilities. All our properties come with laundry facilities which means no more expensive trips to a dry cleaners.